Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta Reveals Being 1.8 Crores Under Debt While Family Eyed His Property

Bigg Boss 14’s latest episode was full of emotions as Vikas Gupta was seen crying and talking about all his personal issues – right from the person he was in a relationship with, to the issues with his own family, brother, and mother. Vikas was also seen revealing about a call recording received from Arshi Khan, that had his mother, Priyank Sharma, and Shilpa Shinde’s recordings, which was focused on his good works but things took an unpleasant turn.

During a conversation with Abhinav Shukla, Arshi Khan said that she felt bad when Vikas called her ‘wannabe Rakhi Sawant’, adding that it was only in retaliation that she called him a wannabe. A name was beeped out in the context, whenever Arshi or Vikas said it. Late at night, Vikas was sitting in the garden area and talking to Abhinav, Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni. When Aly advised him that he should not go against his own mom, Vikas said, “Imagine the things I have gone through. My parents had clearly said ‘agar hum khule media k samne agar Arshi ka saath dete hain to Vikas ke property me hissa nahi le paenge’ (We will lose claim on Vikas’ property if we go against him in the media). I am sorry to be saying this, and God forbid, but normally kids do not go before parents!”

He also explained why he did not ‘pay’ for his mother’s treatment and why he asked her to leave his house. “There was this point when I had to sell my house and when I called my mother to talk about it, she just said ‘I am busy, on a trip, I will talk to you 10 days later’. It was then that I told them, ‘I am broke’ and I cannot bear the cost of their treatment. I asked them to sell our house in Dehradun, and instead of giving me my share, just use it for her treatment. I had no other option, I had loans amounting to ₹1.8 crore!”

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