Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Confirms Financial Crunch, Says, “But It Wasn’t The Only Reason I Participated”

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz Khan recently bid adieu to the reality show as he had a few commitments for a shoot. The actor will soon re-enter the controversial house. During a recent interview, Eijaz Khan was asked if his financial condition was the reason to participate in Bigg Boss, the actor openly confessed that he was going through a financial crisis but the real reason behind choosing to enter the reality show was something else.

While speaking to Spoboye, Eijaz Khan said, “I underwent through a very challenging career. Financially challenging also. And that we cannot count as there were more people who went under more challenging times. I just became zariya for them. It was difficult. But my difficulty was not more than all those people who were walking on the roads with their children. So, I don’t want to alegate anything. People have seen worst times. Mujhe nahi bolna ki lockdown mein mere saath kya hua. But yes, I was going through a financially challenged phase but that was not the only reason that I picked up Bigg Boss.”

He added, “Of course, I wanted to make a comeback. I wanted to make clear that perceptions about me was a false perception. And I saw this as a right platform. I decided to go and become the winner of this game and now with all the love and affection which I am getting by my fans, what can go wrong with me?”

During an episode of the reality show, Eijaz Khan opened up about his financial condition in conversation with ex-contestant Shardul Pandit. Eijaz had revealed, “I had Rs 4,000 in my account. I had borrowed Rs. 1.5 lakh to pay an advance. Shardul, you have to speak up. Don’t lose hope Shardul. Cry, vent out your anger, show your anger and your desperation. Think about your nephew’s face, your mother’s face… let the anger boil inside you and bring it out.”

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