In a recent interview with Zoom, Suneel Darshan, the producer of the 2003 film Andaaz, shared intriguing details about how Priyanka Chopra landed the role in her early days of Bollywood. According to Suneel, he was keen on casting a new face for Andaaz and one day, his office receptionist informed him about a visitor with a girl. Surprised, he met Priyanka Chopra and, despite initial skepticism about her unconventional beauty, he was convinced of her talent within just 15 minutes.

Encouraging Priyanka’s Unique Appeal: A Nose Job Suggestion

Suneel Darshan acknowledged that Priyanka wasn’t the conventional beauty Bollywood was accustomed to. However, he praised her captivating eyes, alluring voice, and evident determination for success. Despite being unconventional, Suneel saw the potential in Priyanka for the role. However, he advised her to address what he considered a hindrance – her nose.

During the conversation, Suneel Darshan revealed that he suggested Priyanka fix her nose. He mentioned that Priyanka’s father, Ashok Chopra, a highly accomplished plastic surgeon, could help. Priyanka, displaying her commitment, agreed to the suggestion. However, given the short timeline before the shooting, she requested additional time to prepare. Despite the unconventional suggestion, Suneel Darshan believed Priyanka was the perfect fit for the role.

This revelation sheds light on the early challenges Priyanka Chopra faced in the industry and her determination to overcome them. Today, she stands as one of the most successful and globally recognized actresses. On the professional front, Priyanka has exciting projects like Jee Le Zaraa and Heads Of State in her upcoming lineup, showcasing her versatility and continued success in the film industry.