Bollywood’s firebrand, Kangana Ranaut, known for her unapologetic demeanour, stirred the internet as an old video resurfaced. In the clip, Kangana takes a swipe at Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, questioning the label of ‘young stars’ attached to them. Expressing her disdain, she contrasts their ages with her parents, emphasizing that at their age, they were already married with children.

In the interview, Kangana asked why everyone addressed Ranbir Kapoor (then 37) as a young kid of this generation. She further added that at that age her father was a middle-aged man. She then mentioned Alia Bhatt who was then 27. Kangana said that her mother already had three kids at the age of Alia Bhatt. What’s this idea of youth, do they not know whether they are kids or just clueless?” Kangana candidly remarks in the video, challenging societal notions.

Netizens Divided On Kangana’s Statement

The resurfaced three-year-old clip has sparked a division among netizens. Some laud Kangana for her unfiltered honesty, appreciating her for speaking her mind. Supporters praise her straightforward approach, commending her for being brutally honest and truthful. However, others criticize her, pointing out that if similar comments were directed at her, she might find them offensive. She can’t decide what she has to stand for,” wrote one user. Another one mentioned that she can never take a side of the correct things.

Looking Ahead: Kangana’s Work Front

While Kangana Ranaut continues to make headlines for her outspoken nature, she is simultaneously gearing up for her upcoming projects. One of the highly anticipated releases is Emergency, a biopic on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, scheduled for a 2024 debut. Despite recent setbacks with the box office performance of Tejas, Kangana remains undeterred in her commitment to diverse and impactful roles.

This resurfaced video not only reignites discussions on age stereotypes in the industry but also adds another chapter to Kangana’s legacy of unapologetic expressions in the public eye.