There are many twists and turns in the relationship. Sometimes the tension increases. If it comes in marriage, then the crisis is more. And that’s why some people worry more about the breakup of their marriage than about the breakdown of other relationships. There has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of this idea. It will continue.

But in all of that, you need to know what stage your marriage is at. There are many strategies. But if you look carefully, three signs can tell how the health of the marriage is. Whether the marriage has reached the point of breaking or not, can be understood by looking at these signs.

If there is a quarrel, does it leads to condemnation of each other? Maybe the partner forgot to put the brush in the right place, then you tell him, he has a habit of forgetting everything. One time ten years ago your partner forgot your birthday, that too got into a fight. If you can’t move forward without blaming each other, then you know the wound is deep enough.

Can’t respect each other? Being disrespected by your partner when doing something together, indoors and outdoors? It is necessary to think about this. Nothing is too big at all times, even the smallest things make sense of the situation. Maybe your partner made fun of your salary, or you criticized him for his clothes in front of everyone—that’s all within that.

Even if the quarrels and chats stop, it is a sign of a broken relationship. Maybe up to a time they used to talk a lot. But now there is nothing to talk about. They don’t want to say even if they don’t like each other’s work. All are signs that the relationship is over.