Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra are known names in the television industry. In the past few years, the couple’s marriage has hit a rock bottom and both are fighting for divorce. Nisha Rawal had also put allegations against Karan Mehra for physically abusing her. During the time when Nisha Rawal had come out and showed her injuries to the media, her friend Rohit Verma was supporting her throughout.

However, later Rohit distanced himself from Nisha Rawal and has now stated his reasons. In an interview with Siddharth Kanna, Rohit mentioned that he was very close to Nisha since her day one in the entertainment industry. he said that Nisha and he were one soul and two bodies, he was the one who gave her a chance in the industry. Rohit continued to add that when Nisha was new to the industry and was doing well she had thanked him for her career in a newspaper and since then the two have been close friends.

He further mentioned that but he was close to Karan as well and he should have sat with him once before taking sides. While hinting at Nisha’s alleged affair with Rohit Sathia, Rohit said that he doesn’t want to take names but there are certain things that he doesn’t approve off.  He also said that he doesn’t feel like calling Karan Mehra but he had texted him once stating that he would like to meet. However, as per Rohit, Karan is so angry with him that he won’t see his face.