The Star Screen Awards 2019 was recently conducted in the Filmcity on December 8. Many stars were present at the award function to grace the night and make it a starry affair. While the award show was filled with many funny moments, actress Sara Ali Khan faced an embarrassing moment, twice! One was clearly when she tripped while trying to do the Dheeme Dheeme challenge in the stylish dress. The other was when she abused on national television.

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan were called up on stage to host a segment for the award show together. When the two were up, Sara Ali Khan began speaking but the mic wasn’t audible initially. Sara in a loud tone said “Mic on please” several times and the mic was eventually functioning. But by the time, the actress had lost patience and as a reaction to it, she uttered the cuss word B*#$@*@# and since the mic was on, the expletive was obviously heard by one and all. Well that indeed left Sara embarrassed to bits and Kartik too couldn’t control his laughter, just like the rest.

While this was one thing, another OOPS moment that has already been reported online occurred when Sara just like her several contemporaries decided to take up the Dheeme Dheeme challenge rather in a hattke fashion. Instead of doing the signature step of the song, she decided to walk the ramp and as she began walking, she tripped but thankfully Kartik came to her rescue and saved the act.