In a world where fans are always trying to find glimpses of personal lives of their favourite celebrities, what’s better than to have your much-loved celebrity talk about theirs themselves? Bollywood, where people usually found stardom and glamour, has also always provided a room for Bollywood stars to find loyal friendships and true love. From Kajol and Ajay Devgan to Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, many B-Town celebrities have found their significant others in this industry of glam and glitter.

While some have been quite private and reserved about their love interests and personal lives, many celebrities have come out in the open on their own accord. One such couple was that of Fukrey’s’Bhooli Punjaban’ Richa Chadha and her co-star Ali Fazal. Though media had their own speculations about the two co-stars dating since the release of the film in 2013, nothing was confirmed by either of them till later sometime. The two have been actively sharing pictures of their relationship on their social media handles ever since coming out.

An actor who has always been vocal and direct about her opinions on love and marriage, and who was once very confident about her ‘never falling for another actor’, has finally confessed her love for her now boyfriend Ali Fazal. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Richa had openly stated her altered perception and how one should ‘never say never’.

Along with opening up about her views on love and future marriage plans with Ali in an interview with Bollywood life , Richa expressed how their similar backgrounds and middle class upbringings led to a ‘miracle’ that she never thought was possible. After having numerous bad encounters and experiences with actors on outdoor shoots, Richa was escalated while confessing “What we like about each other is that we give each other space and as we both are actors, we understand the demands of the profession”. Though the duo is very happy and attracted to each other, it is the understanding they share on a fundamental level that deepened their bond of friendship and made them fall for each other.

“Planning our marriage will require a production team. Ali will have to bring in his team and I will have to rope in mine, because we’re both busy and at times, not even in the same time-zone. These days, he barely gets five days in a month to himself. It’s not like we are afraid to commit, but we have not had the time to even meet each other properly. For example, I have met him only for two days each in July and August. Sometimes, even travelling from Andheri to Bandra seems like a long-distance commute. Ali arrives in the city late at night, and I usually have an early morning shift, so we just video chat with each other. How do we plan marriage in such a situation?” said Richa in an interview with Times of India last year.

It was in another interview where Richa shared how the couple have been managing their long distance relationship and stated “Ali is my best friend and my first fan club. He never misses a chance to surprise me with a visit wherever I am. Whenever we are together, we indulge in a lot of fun activities — cooking, watching movies, working out and generally chilling.”