Aly Goni Receives Best Birthday Gift From Rumored Girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin

What better way than to make a best friend, if not through means of a reality show? And how blessed to ultimately find love in that same person? Where reality shows have always been a major source of new people entering the industry, they have also been a boon for those looking to make real and lifelong connections.

One such connection was of television celebrity Aly Goni, who met her now best friend cum rumoured girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin on the sets of a reality TV show ‘Khatron ke Khiladi 9’. The two developed quite a bond during the show, and when the news about the two remaining very close even after the endgame, with frequent lunch dates and outings surfaced the media, there were numerous speculations made on their behalf.

Though the rumours about them being together have been making rounds in the media ever since, both have them never stepped down from being their true selves and sharing adorable pictures and posts on their social media handles. Even during one of Aly’s performances in a dance reality show, ‘Nach Baliye 9’with his ex-girlfriend Natasa Stankovic, Jasmin did not stop herself from being there for his best friend.

Though Jasmin cleared the air and brushed all such rumors by openly stating that she had gone on the show to support her best friend, people were not fully convinced that it’s what was actually going on behind the screen. Especially when Aly took to his Instagram on 14th January,2020 and shared some very cute pictures of his pre-birthday gift; a furry little kitten, from his ‘bestfriend’ Jasmin. Along with the picture he wrote “Guys Welcome my new baby ‘Jordan’ the lil #BritishShorthair. I feel my Leo is backk.. thank u sooo much @jasminbhasin2806 it was impossible to get this breed in India but made it anyhow. the besttt pre birthday gift eveeerrrr … I’m sooo happyyyyy  #Jordan.”

But this isn’t the first time when the star has been surprised with such gifts. During the same dance reality show, the rumoured couple went on a lunch date where they were not only enjoying each other’s company, but Aly also received a branded ‘Jimmy Choo’ wallet from Jasmin. But no matter how their relationship is interpreted in the media, the two have a strong and sturdy bond that they never forget to cherish.

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