Dipika Chikhlia, a television actress, became well-known after portraying Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan in 1987. The ensemble of the enduring programme has become known for portraying the mythological drama’s revered figures, and decades later, they are still adored and respected for it. Many fans of the epic are now reflecting fondly on the play while another adaptation of the Ramayana, Adipurush, is currently playing in theatres all over the world. 

Dipika Chikhlia has now given fans a video in which she once more assumes the role of Sita after Adipurush received criticism for its adaptation of the epic. As she did in the original, the actress is seen in the video wearing saffron robes while the song Ram Siya Ram from Adipurush plays in the background. Dipika Chikhlia penned these words as the caption:  “This post is on public demand … I am grateful for the love I have always received for the role I played … Me … as Sita ji …could not have asked for more.”

Adipurush’s music director Sachet Tandon responded with the emojis for a heart and a folded hand. In the comments section, many have expressed their anger with Adipurush while applauding Dipika Chikhlia. One admirer wrote,  “No one can replace you as Sita ji role.” “So beautiful… Actual reflection of Sita mata,” said another user. “600 crore times better than anyone,” another follower said, taking a dig at Adipurush’s reported budget.

Prabhas plays Raghav in Adipurush, Sunny Singh plays Sesh, Kriti Sanon plays Janaki, and Saif Ali Khan plays Lankesh for those who are unfamiliar. Om Raut, who is also the film’s director. As was already indicated, after its release, Adipurush received harsh criticism from a number of sources. Saibal Chatterjee analysed the movie for NDTV and stated, “Adipurush is part Planet of the Apes, part King Kong, and part all the Hollywood superhero movies that the director and his ilk have been weaned on. 

It presents Lord Rama (Prabhas) as a comic book hero with a bow and a quiver that never runs out of arrows, Sita (Kriti Sanon) as a whimpering damsel in distress, Ravana as a cross between Thanos and Voldemort, and Bajrang/Hanuman (Devdatta Nage) as a mighty acrobat barely aware of his incredible powers until somebody reminds him that he can leap across a sea…What Adipurush thinks of women is made amply clear in the cavalier manner in which it places them on the periphery of the saga and deprives them of the power to intervene in a meaningful manner when push comes to shove. Be it Rani Mandodari, Ravana’s neglected wife, or Surpanakha, the demon king’s sister who seeks vengeance after her nose is chopped off by Lakshmana, they can only whine and complain.”