Rahul Raj Singh Reveals, “Vikas Gupta Damaged Pratyusha Banerjee’s Work Profile, She Was Once Replaced By The Other Actress Because Of Him”

A few days ago, we broke to you the news that Vikas Gupta has claimed that he has dated Pratyusha Banerjee for a short period of time. His revelation came as a surprise to her fans after 5 years of Pratyusha’s death.

Rahul Raj Singh who was dating Pratyusha at the time she committed suicide has slammed Vikas Gupta for using her name for two minutes of fame. In an interview with a leading daily Rahul had revealed, “Pratyusha never dated Vikas, so the question of them parting ways doesn’t arise. In fact, they weren’t even on talking terms after a point. He shouldn’t cook up stories for publicity. Pratyusha would have slapped him had she been alive”.

Now in an interview with SpotBoye.com, Rahul Raj Singh has accused Vikas Gupta of stealing work from Pratyusha. “Vikas Gupta is insane. He is someone who can go down to any level. I do not understand even if he had dated Pratyusha, why and what’s the need to reveal it to the world now? Pratyusha and I had shared a great rapport and had no secrets between us. Vikas could never date her. I agree that once Vikas and Pratyusha were good friends but their friendship got over after Vikas damaged her work profile. She was replaced by some other actress after begging for a lead role. Vikas ne uska kaam cheena tha”.

He had further added, “One thing is sure about this person. If you are friends with him, you’re not allowed to make your own decisions. He wants people to completely depend on him. He can’t see you being more successful than him. He is actually the reason behind breakups of many couples around him.”

Rahul also said that he is cooking up such stories to be in the news. “He gave statements that if guys (Parth, Priyank don’t officially say sorry to him) he will go legal but nothing such happened. Vikas enjoys issuing strong statements to enjoy headlines. And maybe he wants to re-enter once again in the Bigg Boss house like many times before creating fake controversies.”

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