Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli starts shooting for Mismatched Season 2..and we can’t wait!!

The internet goes crazy every time the story of Rohit Saraf comes out. And why not? The actor wins hearts, especially of his followers, with unsurpassed charm, good looks, and excellent acting skills; It is not for nothing that it is called the “national heart”.Rohit has once again delighted fans with the latest update for the second season of his hit original Netflix series, Mismatched.


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He recently started filming Mismatched 2 and even shared a special video with him and his co-stars. An aesthetically filmed video is right in every frame. Rohit took to his Instagram as he shared the video with the caption, “Rishi ka 60’s wala romance is back! Hope you’re ready for our non-date Mismatched Season 2 is now filming.”

The whole country has gone mad for Rohit since Mismatched came out on our screens. The Netflix original took the Rohit craze to even greater and uncharted heights. As we look forward to the release of Season 2, this update is sure to bring some relief and soothe the hearts of endless anticipation. Well, lady, we’re a little closer now. at startup, this is a positive sign.

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