Pakistani Actress Sadia Revealed The Secret of Dating Aryan Khan, Read To Know What She Said!!

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was in the headlines continuously for the past several days. Actually, after a photo of him with Pakistani actress Sadia Khan went viral, people started speculating that Aryan is dating Sadia these days. Although whether Aryan is really dating her or not, Sadia herself has lifted the veil from this secret.

Sadia Khan

Putting an end to the rumors spreading fast on social media, Sadia has told that there is absolutely no truth in this. She clarified that both are not dating each other. Also, the actress expressed her surprise that what kind of things people start talking about because of a picture. The actress said that how can people talk like this without knowing the whole truth. There should be a limit to such news. Talking about this whole matter, Sadia told, “We met in the celebration of the New Year party. During this time we clicked pictures and also had a little conversation with Aryan, but it does not mean that we are dating each other.”

Sadia Khan

She told, “I was not alone while clicking the photo, but there were many other people who took pictures with Aryan, but don’t know why only my photo went viral.” Rejecting the talk of dating, Sadia said that such rumors are being spread without any basis in which there is not even an iota of truth. Let us tell you that Sadia is a well-known face of the Pakistani entertainment industry. She is quite famous because of the Pakistani show “Khuda Aur Mohabbat”.
Author By – Gunjan Chaudhary

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