Rakhi Sawant is the most known name in the entertainment industry. the actress has always been the center of various controversies. she has also made headlines for her private life. from getting married to Ritesh and announcing Divorce to once again getting married to Adil Durrani and releasing Nikah photos, Rakhi’s life has gone through lot of ups and downs.

Amid her wedding news with Adil Durrani, Rakhi has revealed another shocking detail about her life. The actress spoke with celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani and informed him that she was pregnant and had also announced her pregnancy in Bigg Boss Marathi house but no one really believed in what she said. Rakhi told Viral that everyone thought she was joking about the pregnancy and didn’t take her words seriously. she also addressed all the speculations related to her pregnancy and mentioned that she suffered a miscarriage.

Rakhi Sawant has been going through a bad phase lately. she had earlier shared a video in which she showed her mother’s health. she said that her mother’s health condition is deteriorating after she was diagnosed with brain cancer. the actress asked her followers to pray for her mother’s health. she later was spotted by the paparazzi and was visibly sad with teary eyes she said that her family didn’t know about the brain cancer.

Meanwhile, Rakhi continues to be in the news after her verbal spat with Sherlyn Chopra had gone viral. both actresses had accused each other of creating controversies to be in the limelight.