Ram Gopal Verma is known for his super hit films that he gave in the late 90s including Rangeela. He went on to make political drama films and gangster films like Satya and Sarkar. However, a few years later Ram Gopal Verma’s films started getting flopped at the box office and he started disappearing from the Hindi film industry.

The filmmaker is actively making and promoting movies in the South. Recently a video of the director went viral in which he could be seen licking the feet of an actress. He took to his social media handle and also dropped a photo in which he could be seen sitting on the floor near the actress’s feet. He shared the photo along with writing a caption that read, “The Dangerous Me With The Double Dangerous Ashu Reddy.”

In the videos and photos, RGV is seen telling his followers “this is how women should be treated”. In an interview with Ashu Reddy, RGV is having a conversation with the actress. A video of the same is available on Youtube and in a 1 hour 30mins long video, the filmmaker is seen kissing her feet at the end.

Soon after the video went viral he started receiving a lot of hate from the netizens. “what happened to him he was such a good director,” wrote one user, “this video is so disgusting,” commented another user.

Later, Ram Gopal Verma reacted to the hatred he received for the video and posted a few photos of Apsara Rani’s dog and wrote, “The DANGEROUS emotion I felt when sitting at the feet of #AshuReddy is what I learned from @_apsara_rani‘s DOG’.