Bollywood actress Mrunal Thakur finally broke her silence and revealed her motivation for uploading the image in a recent interview. Mrunal Thakur spoke about the Instagram photo in which she was pictured with teary eyes during an interview with the Bombay Times. The actress admitted that period of time was particularly difficult for her since both professionally and personally, she was experiencing intense emotional upheaval. 

Mrunal, on the other hand, revealed that she took the snapshot and saved it on her phone to remind herself that she never wanted to feel this unhappy again. She could, however, always tell herself that she had overcome similar obstacles in the past and that she can do it again. These are Mrunal’s exact words: 

“We all go through a lot of problems in life. That picture was taken a few days back when I had an emotional turmoil and was going through a tough phase professionally and personally. I didn’t take that photo, thinking I would post it later. I gathered the courage to take that picture and save it on my phone to remind myself that I didn’t want to feel this miserable in the future. That was a memory to tell myself that if I could overcome my problems before, I could do it again. That was the intention behind taking that picture.”

In the same interview, Mrunal Thakur said that it’s acceptable to feel exposed and to pay attention to inner voices. In this world of confusion and divergent viewpoints, the actress said, one must express one’s opinions. Mrunal revealed:  “I feel there are less conversations today and people are afraid of sharing their real emotions. I am glad this happened organically. I want people to know that it’s okay to feel vulnerable and it’s important to listen to your inner voice amidst all the chaos, clutter, and aspirational posts. There is no harm in voicing your thoughts. Your gut instinct never lies to you. Many of us have stopped listening to ourselves.”

However, Mrunal Thakur said that depression is a big word and shouldn’t be misunderstood while talking about the subject in an interview with the Bombay Times. The actress explained that she wanted to normalise the idea that it’s perfectly fine to be depressed by uploading the photo. It needs to be altered, according to the actress, that people frequently fail to acknowledge or discuss their feelings. As Mrunal Thakur put it:

“There are people who need help as far as mental health is concerned. It’s a sensitive topic and can be misinterpreted. That is a separate conversation altogether. Depression is a big word that needs a deeper understanding and shouldn’t be used casually. My intention was to normalize feeling low. We tend to bury these feelings deep inside and don’t want to hear or talk about them. That needs to change. Accepting that you aren’t feeling great can only help you resolve it. I want to tell the world that I am not afraid to show or say what I feel, and you shouldn’t either.”