Kajol Reveals She Was Called Dark And Fat In Bollywood During Her Struggling Time: Checkout Deets!!!

In a recent interview, Kajol discussed how tough it was for her to feel comfortable in her own skin and how throughout her early career in Bollywood, people tried to bring her down. In an open interview with Humans of Bombay, Kajol drew attention to the fact that she and Ajay Devgn were dating at the time she first met them on the set of a movie. But because fate had other ideas, the two split up with their separate lovers. Their love story began as their relationship slowly evolved. In relation to the same, Kajol said:

“I was going out with somebody, I think he was going out with somebody at that point of time. And we did a film together, and we kind of became friends from there. We just started talking, became friends, then eventually I broke up, he broke up, and then we became a little more than friends.”

Kajol spoke candidly during the exchange about the body shaming she experienced after breaking into the movie business. Kajol recalled being labelled dark, obese, and someone who constantly wears glasses while she was being criticised for her skin. The actress, however, was unconcerned because she was aware that those who were disparaging her were less intelligent and better off than she was. To quote her:

“She is dark, she is fat and she wears specs all the time.”These were some of the judgments that were passed when I first started working in the industry. I couldn’t care less. I knew I was smart, cool and better than everyone out there who had any negatives to say about me. So, I kept continuing to be myself and never let it show. Sooner or later, when they couldn’t pull me down, the world simply embraced me for who I was – Kajol.”

The actress continued by admitting that she had issues with her own skin and had started to think she wasn’t attractive. But it wasn’t until she was 32 or 33 years old that she began to appreciate her attractiveness when she looked in the mirror. Kajol proceeded by saying that she remained herself:  “It took me a very, very long time to reach there. And like I said, you fake it, till you believe it and eventually you will make it.”

For those who don’t know, Kajol and Ajay Devgn have two children: a son named Yug and a girl named Nysa. 

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