Celebrities often find themselves in the spotlight, even when they’re not on a movie set or attending a glamorous event. Malaika Arora, the popular Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast, recently made headlines when she was captured on video running toward her car after a yoga class to avoid the paparazzi. The incident left netizens puzzled and sparked a discussion about the intrusion of privacy faced by public figures.

The Video Goes Viral:

In the era of smartphones and social media, every moment, no matter how mundane, can quickly become viral content. A video capturing Malaika Arora’s swift exit from her yoga class surfaced online, and it spread like wildfire. The clip shows Malaika in her workout attire, rushing towards her car with a determined expression, followed closely by a group of paparazzi attempting to capture her pictures.

Malaika’s Escape Strategy:

In the video, it is evident that Malaika Arora is keen on avoiding the paparazzi’s prying lenses. She can be seen quickly maneuvering through the crowd, navigating her way to the waiting car. It is not surprising that celebrities often seek privacy, especially after a tiring workout session when they may not be looking their best. The incident highlighted the lengths to which public figures have to go to maintain their personal space and escape the constant media glare.


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The video of Malaika Arora’s hurried exit from her yoga class triggered a mixed response from netizens. While some expressed empathy for her plight and condemned the invasion of her privacy, others argued that celebrities should expect such attention as part of their chosen profession.