Recently, Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone were seen actively promoting their much-awaited film “Fighter” at a Mumbai hotel. The actors, essaying the roles of pilots, captivated the audience and photographers with their presence. The film, already creating a stir with its trailer, has the cast fully immersed in promotional events. Their chemistry was lauded by the paparazzi, adding to the excitement surrounding the film.

Hrithik and Deepika’s Electrifying Chemistry

Photographers at the event couldn’t help but express their admiration for the duo. The paps yell in excitement, “What a pair!”. They further added “This pairing is destined for success, it’s going to set the screen on fire.” The film’s trailer has been met with overwhelming praise, with audiences eagerly anticipating Hrithik and Deepika’s new on-screen pairing. Social media reactions mirrored this enthusiasm, with comments like, “Bollywood’s hottest pair, can’t wait to see them on the big screen!” and “They look incredible together.”

A Glimpse into ‘Fighter’

Director Siddharth Anand’s “Fighter” promises a deep dive into the life within the Indian Air Force, portraying both the professional and personal aspects of its members. The story revolves around a fictional elite team of fighter and helicopter pilots, led by Hrithik Roshan’s character Patty and Deepika Padukone’s Minni. They are under the command of Anil Kapoor’s character Rocky. Together, this team, known as the Air Dragons, embarks on a crucial national mission, filled with heart-racing aerial action scenes. The movie is scheduled to hit the theatres on January 25, adding another anticipated release to Bollywood’s calendar.


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Meanwhile, According to Pinkvilla, the film ‘Fighter’ will not be screened in several Gulf nations except UAE. The film, directed by Siddharth Anand, did not receive approval from the GCC Censors. The entertainment news source mentioned that the censor screening took place on January 10, 2024. However, it was on January 23, 2024, that the decision was formally conveyed, stating that ‘Fighter’ would be restricted from release in the majority of Gulf countries. This news has undoubtedly been surprising and disappointing for the film’s fan base.