Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, once Bollywood’s most beloved couple, captivated fans with their undeniable chemistry and public displays of affection. Fans eagerly anticipated their marriage, but destiny had other plans. After several years together, the couple parted ways and eventually married others: Katrina Kaif tied the knot with Vicky Kaushal, while Ranbir Kapoor found love with Alia Bhatt.

An Uncomfortable Press Conference

An old video from the pair’s past has recently resurfaced, showcasing a tense moment during a press conference for their film “Jagga Jasoos.” Throughout the interview, the two seemed at odds, with Katrina visibly annoyed by Ranbir’s behaviour. At one point, Ranbir complimented Katrina’s dancing skills, and her curt agreement seemed to irritate him. Katrina, noticing his reaction, bluntly asked him if he had been drinking.

Katrina’s Marriage Fears with Ranbir

In a candid interview with GQ Magazine, Katrina once expressed her fears about marrying Ranbir. She worried that he might not fully love her or be sure about his commitment, saying, “My greatest fear is that he may not love me completely at the altar.” This apprehension of potential heartbreak at such a crucial moment was her primary concern.

Maintaining Positive Relationships Post-Breakup

Despite their past relationship, Katrina has maintained a cordial relationship with Ranbir and even developed a close bond with his wife, Alia Bhatt. In a conversation on Neha Dhupia’s show, she spoke about the importance of not harbouring grudges and how letting go has made her feel lighter and happier.

Reflecting on the Breakup

Katrina also opened up about her life post-breakup in an interview with Mumbai Mirror. She discussed the need to rebuild herself and take responsibility for her part in the relationship. She emphasized the importance of accepting aspects beyond her control and shared how her mother’s advice helped her through her lowest moments.

This journey of self-discovery and healing post-breakup highlights Katrina’s resilience and ability to move forward positively, maintaining respectful relationships with her past and embracing her future with optimism.