The Coronavirus lockdown has got we all exhausted to death, as we have arrived at the fourth stage of isolating at this point. All things considered, during such occasions, celebrities are doing their level best to keep fans and themselves entertain, just as engaged. Bigg Boss 13’s former contestant Himanshi Khurana, has taken the step higher however the Punjabi singer organising her own ‘Quarantine fashion show’ at her home, which she and her team had turned into a runway. Taking to her Instagram, the Punjabi artist shared a brief look at the equivalent and we are damn surprised.

Punjabi singer Himanshi Khurana
Bigg boss former contestant Himanshi Khurana

The clip starts with Himanshi Khurana gracing the runway AKA her home’s corridor by walking in a short red dress and she looked sizzling as could be. The singer wore a variety of outfits, including western, desi or a combination of both and figured out how to pull off every single one of them with most extreme backtalk and beauty.


Talking about the crowds, we had Himanshi’s sibling and her chief applauding and supporting the actress as she killed the in-house style appear. “In this way, here it is… Quarantine Fashion Show 2020 with me and my group @nidhe_k Alice from @aliwarofficial @kunwararorax and my sibling @apramdeep,” read her caption.

Just like her crazy fans, we were wowed with Khurana’s style picks and that rich walk. We came across some of the best comments like, “Simply Loved it,”BABE YOU CAN CARRY ANYTHING – WESTERN AND INDIAN,” “Tum husn pari,” “best design appearance.” A fan additionally went onto call it, “Aatm nirbhar style show 2020.” LOL!