Eijaz Khan Shares Untold Life Story, “I Screwed My Life By Projecting Insecurities And Traumas On Partners”

Eijaz Khan has come out to be a popular contestant in the show Bigg Boss 14. He has made his presence felt within the first week for his closeness and liking for Sara Gurpal. The actor has worked so hard, from television to music videos and films, Eijaz actor has tried his hand with different subjects. But his journey is not as rosy as it seems to be. Eijaz has had his own share of ups and downs and managed to rise from it. Before entering the house, Eijaz has gotten candid about his life and how his path changed and went on a roller coaster ride.

Eijaz Khan

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Eijaz Khan opens up on being mocked during difficult times, perceptions about him, sustaining multiple injuries, battling depression and failed relationships. Talking about his relationships, he said, “I have learnt many lessons during my relationships. Primarily I used to be an idiot, blamed some beautiful people who came into my life, blamed them. I have realised that how I used to project my insecurities and my childhood trauma on them, how my basic nature was to play this passive aggressive person. How I wasn’t equipped for a relationship.” He shared how he imposed certain patterns on his partners which left his partners confused.

“There are a few things that my comfort zone ends up in a crisis cycle. I end up having that pattern again and again and impose those patterns on them and leave my partners confused and we part ways, sometimes amicably, sometimes traumatically. But all of them are today settled. It is wrong for me to speak for them today,” he added.

Speaking about how he screwed his life by hating his life, Eijaz said, “I screwed my life, actually but the best part is I have realised how I could have repaired those relationships and the only way was to repair my relationship with myself. That has happened now and is an ongoing process. I think Iw as going through my life enjoying hating it and I have realised that I deserve to be happy. I deserve it and I will get it. I have started loving myself now.”

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