Deepika Padukone Recalled The Phase Of Getting Covid 19 Positive, Says She Looked ‘Physically Unrecognizable’; Deets Inside

The second wave of Corona Virus was more deadly and vigorous as compared to the first wave and didn’t spare anyone. Most of the Bollywood celebrities contracted the virus and quarantined themselves till they turned negative. One such celebrity who got a covid 19 positive in 2021 was actress Deepika Padukone and her family.

In her recent interview with Film Companion, Deepika opened about the phase when she and her family were found covid positive. Deepika revealed in the interview that she looked physically unrecognizable and the whole pandemic has changed her fundamentally. Deepika also said that the second wave of covid was very harsh as compared to the first wave.

The ‘Om Shanti Om’ actress was tested positive when she had travelled to her hometown in Bengaluru. “I think lockdown one was very, very different. It was all of us trying to figure what had come upon us. And trying to understand how to navigate our lives around this new wave. Lockdown two was also very different because everyone in my family, including me, had COVID at the same time,” she said.

Speaking about how pandemic changed her and medication she was put on, the actress shared, “Life after COVID changed for me because physically, I was unrecognizable completely… I think (due to) the medication I was given, the steroids that I was put on. So COVID in itself was weird, your body feels different, your mind feels different. I felt that when I had the illness it was still okay but after that, I needed to take two months off work because my mind wasn’t working. The phase for me was very, very difficult.”

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