Bigg Boss OTT: Raqesh Bapat Says He Likes Shamita Shetty A Lot, Actor Adds That He Doesn’t Know Divya Aggarwal That Well

Love is brewing between Shamita Shetty and her connection Raqesh Bapat. The two recently confessed their feelings for each other. However, the two have been constantly arguing due to Raqesh’s newfound liking towards co-contestant Divya Aggarwal, who Shamita isn’t fond of.

Shamita Shetty revealed that she is not pushing herself out of her comfort zone because of her feelings for the actor. However, she said that she doesn’t feel the same way from Raqesh’s side after which the actress poured his heart out expressed his feelings for her. Shamita told Raqesh, “It looks like I am the one who wants this and you don’t want this. But now I’ve done it. It’s out there.” She then asked him to confess if he doesn’t have any feelings for her. The actress added that she needs to know the truth.

To this, Raqesh said, “I like you, I like you a lot,” as they sat together holding hands in the living room. Raqesh also admitted that he doesn’t know Divya Aggarwal that well. In the Sunday Ka Vaar episode when Karan Johar confronted both of them and told them that their “silly fights” were extremely annoying to the viewers.

Shamita had confessed her feelings for Raqesh and said, “Jo main kar rahi hoon Karan in terms of my feelings towards him… I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone because… camere ke saamne ye karna is alien to me (Whatever I’m doing here in terms of my feelings towards him, I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone because showing it all on camera is alien to me). “I genuinely liked him. Like him.”

Moose Jattana got recently evicted from the house after her five-week-long stay in the house.


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