Kangana Ranaut Reveals Her Parents Lied To Her About Having Arranged Marriage, “They Had A Raging Affair”

Kangana Ranaut has been in the headlines for quite some time owing to her controversial tweets. And now, she has made yet another revelation about her parents which has gotten her into the news. She made a revelation about her parents lying to her about their marriage. She took to her social media to congratulate her parents on their anniversary. While doing so, she revealed how they had told them that they had an arranged marriage while in reality, it was a raging affair.

Sharing a throwback picture on Twitter, Kangana recalled her parents’ “raging affair.” She wrote, “Today is the wedding anniversary of my parents. Growing up they lied to us that it was a conventional arranged marriage. It’s only much later nani (grandmother) told us they had a raging affair.”

She narrated her parents’ love story and spoke about how her mother convinced her grandfather. “Papa saw mom at a bus stand returning from college, took that bus every day till she noticed him. When papa sent proposal, Nana ji (grandfather) brutally rejected cos papa didn’t have good reputation. Nana had selected a groom with government job for mom. She was his favourite and lovingly called her Guddi but mom fought all odds and convinced Nana. Thanks for that, happy anniversary,” the actor concluded.

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