Sukhwinder Singh On Bollywood Drug Racket, “The Percent Maybe Five But They Get 100 Percent Badnaami”

Bollywood drug nexus seems to have engulfed a major part of the news in the second half of 2020. Ever since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput in June this year, many secrets of Bollywood have unveiled. Several stars have been associated with taking drugs and it has even been shown that stars host drug parties where cocaine and other drugs are served on plates for others to consume. Many even came up to share their point of view on the entire scenario and one of the latest among them is the singer Sukhwinder Singh, popularly known as Sukhi.

He went on to state that people are making a really big deal of drug consumption in Bollywood. He even says that even more people outside the Bollywood industry are consuming drugs and they are not even in their senses ever. At least the people in the industry consume drugs and go on to do their shoots and shows while many still lay senseless near the gutters. He said “Itna negative hota jaa raha hai, it started with Coronavirus, then Sushant’s (Singh Rajput) death, then the thing with China. Drugs are something that is there in the entire world, yet only the film industry (is singled out).” Further, he sheds light on how his workplace, i.e. the film industry has been picked on, calling all sorts of bad names. Also, he speaks about a lot of hard work and dedication invested in building an image, followed by a star garnering a lot of attention from his/her fans. 

He says, “Stardom is built with a lot of hard work and dedication. There also comes a phase when people yearn to get a glimpse of these celebs. Social media gives an opportunity, you can’t be seen, so you can say whatever you want.”

He also states when drug rackets come to the surface, people, pick on ones who are caught but not the ones who supply them these banned substances. He suggests hence one should focus on the ones supplying it and put an end to this racket.  He says, “Maamla jadd se khatam ho jaayega. Our actors can claim today that they take it in small quantities to improve their mood and that a lot of people in the rest of the parts in India lie in the lap of death the whole day. They at least go and shoot, do shows, etc., but those people sit on the roads or near the gutter. Here (in the industry), the percentage must be five, par badnaami 100 percent mil rahi hai.”

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