Bigg Boss 14 seems to have gotten a bit more interesting and entertaining upon the entry of new wild card contestants. And one of them is the actress turned politician Sonali Phogat who made it to the headlines for thrashing an official with her slippers. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Sonali talked about the difficulties she faced after her husband’s demise. She also shared her strategy for the reality show.

During the conversation, Sonali Phogat revealed that her in-laws are quite conservative and were against her joining the glamour world. However, it was her husband who supported her. Soon after his unfortunate demise, the tables turned and her was mentally tortured and forced to sit at home by her in-laws. She said, “My in-laws allowed me to study further but they did not want me to go out and work. However, I convinced my husband and got his permission. Then, my struggle started because I got into the acting line, and there was no one to help me. I had to make it on my own. Then, I became associated with politics, and my husband supported me here as well.”

She further added, “But after he died, I saw the reality of people and how they view a woman. If a woman is good-looking and alone, she is not allowed to live. She is mentally tortured and wrong things are said about her. People make all kinds of attempts to force you to sit at home or take advantage of you. After my husband passed away, I faced many such hardships, which have made me stronger.”

Talking about strategy for the Bigg Boss house, Sonali said, “I will play a very clean game and I will stay within the limits of decency. This is my strategy. I am not planning too much because I can react to the behaviour of other contestants only once I am inside the Bigg Boss house.”

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