Slam Bang: Kusha Calls Out Black Marketing Of Covid 19 Drugs: ‘Who Do We Hold Accountable?’; Swara Bhasker Further Shares Her Concern

As the second wave hits and the Covid-19 cases increases, there has been a shortage of drugs and oxygen cylinder in the capital of India. Health infrastructure with no beds is rapidly going down. Delhi registered over 24, 000 cases in a day with no supply of the Remedesivir and Tocilizumab. Surprisingly, the medicines that aren’t available in the medicals are being sold out in the black market of the city.

Recently, the content creator, Kusha Kapila tweeted on Twitter, ” My uncle urgently requires two doses of Tocilizumab injection. He is 68 years old and is critical. Kindly amplify”. However, despite the 3000 retweets, she was unable to find a lead for the drugs. Following which she said, ” I can’t imagine what people without Twitter account are going through. Moreover, the creator, said in her previous tweets that she was surprised to see people earning money by depriving people of the drugs.  “just received a tip that Tocilizumab is available for INR 2,20,000 today in the black market in Delhi. FOR ONE DOSE! Shame on whoever is trying to profit off people’s tragedies. this needs urgent attention. Who do we hold accountable? This is so frustrating,”  Kusha pent.

In the meantime, the actress Swara Bhasker replied to a tweet. The given tweet shared the information on how there are no ventilators for the second straight night. There are hundreds of patients waiting for some or other thing to save themselves from Covid-19. The actress tweeted saying, ‘NO VENTILATORS in India’s capital’.

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