Big Boss 13: Kashmera Shah Came In Support Of Her Sister-In-Law Arti, Wants To See Her With Sidharth

The year’s Bigg Boss has become one of the most controversial seasons in the entire show’s history. There have been fights and name-callings that have never been seen in the history of the show. One of the contestants that is leading to many controversies is Arti Singh. She has been known for her caring nature and also for putting out her opinion out there.

As the contestants’ family and close friends are supporting them with full power outside the Bigg Boss house. We have seen Arti Singh’s brother Krushna Abhishek and bhabhi Kashmera Shah supporting her whenever required. And now, once again after the task of elite membership. She took her Instagram and posted a picture of herself with a strong caption. Her caption can be read as “I just saw last night so episode and I must say I loved the way Arti cut her hair and ate the green chillies. Super proud of My Tigress. And I also must say I loved the way @realsidharthshukla spoke to @shehnaazgill about what he did not like. Amazing. And I have to thank him for supporting Arti all the time. Have started believing in #sidarti myself now. Is this possible? Love you both.” Have a look:

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Arti’s sister-in-law, Kashmera Shah commented on the molestation faced by Arti. Hearing the revelation, Kashmera was in tremendous pain, and said, “I am blindsided. Krushna and I have no idea about this. Only after I speak to Arti, I will be clear on this. I am deeply hurt and concerned and wish she had spoken to us about it. Of course, I want to kill the person who tried to mole$t her. I am devastated. I am someone who stands up for victims and I did not know I had a victim in my family.”

Although Arti and Shukla are bonding now but earlier, when Siddharth misbehaved with Arti, Krushna was very disappointed. Speaking about the same, he stated,”He doesn’t speak to women in a decent manner. He should be careful about that. He is very harsh, not just with Arti but with all women on the show. She should stop talking to him, who zyada kuch usko bolti nahi hai. He’s been fighting both verbally and physically, which is not good for an actor. He also has an image and a fan following. I don’t know him very well, but I think he is a nice guy. Situations become such in the Bigg Boss house that you react in such a manner. I also have a temper, but I control myself. He should also learn to control, that’s my suggestion for him.” in an interview with media portal.

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