Anupamaa Star Rupali Ganguly Welcomes Adorable Pet Dog, Leaves Netizens in Laughter with Hilarious Name Choice

Popular television actress Rupali Ganguly, renowned for her role in the hit show “Anupamaa,” recently added a furry friend to her family, bringing joy and laughter to her fans. The talented actress took to social media to share the heartwarming news of her new adoption, accompanied by a dose of humour that left netizens amused.

Anupamaa Star Rupali Ganguly

Rupali, known for her bubbly personality on and off the screen, introduced her cute pet dog with a quirky and humorous name that cracked up her followers. The actress, with a massive fan base, received an outpouring of love and laughter from netizens who appreciated her light-hearted approach to naming her new four-legged companion.

In the delightful post, Rupali shared endearing pictures of her cuddling with the adorable pet, instantly melting hearts across the virtual world. The pet, now a beloved member of the Ganguly family, added a new dimension of joy to their lives. Fans quickly shower blessings and good wishes on the actress and her newfound furry friend.

Rupali Ganguly’s pet adoption

Rupali Ganguly, who has been winning hearts with her stellar performance as Anupamaa in the popular TV serial, showcased a different side of her persona through this delightful pet adoption announcement. The actress’s ability to connect with her audience on and off-screen has contributed to her widespread popularity, making her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.


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The actress’s choice of a humorous name for her pet reflects her cheerful and playful spirit, resonating with fans who adore her acting prowess and her candid and genuine personality. Social media platforms buzzed with positive reactions as followers expressed their delight at the heartwarming addition to Rupali’s family.

Pet adoption stories often resonate with people, and Rupali Ganguly’s decision to welcome a new furry friend into her home served as a source of inspiration for many fans. The actress’s willingness to share such personal moments further strengthens the bond between her and the audience, fostering a sense of connection beyond the screen.

As Rupali continues to enchant viewers with her stellar performances on “Anupamaa,” her off-screen moments, especially those involving her endearing pet, provide a glimpse into the actress’s joyful and vibrant life. The heartwarming adoption tale serves as a reminder of the joy that pets bring to our lives and the happiness that comes from embracing the love of a furry companion.

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