The ongoing saga of turbulence in Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship unfolds once again. This time, the couple engages in a heated argument over domestic chores, specifically Ankita’s culinary skills. The friction seems to highlight the challenges faced by couples navigating domestic life within the confines of the reality show.

Tears and Tensions

In a recently released promo by Colors TV, Ankita and Vicky are seen embroiled in a kitchen quarrel. Ankita expresses frustration, stating, “Jab main tumhe banake khilati hu to tumhe bas Khanzaadi ke haath se khana hota hai” (Whenever I cook for you, you always prefer the food cooked by Khanzaadi). The disagreement intensifies, leading to Vicky responding with, “Tameez se baat kia kar mujhse” (Talk to me with respect). The exchange becomes emotionally charged, with Vicky questioning Ankita’s cooking over the last three years, leaving her in tears.

The narrative takes a poignant turn as Vicky remarks, “Zindagi iske bahar bhi hai” (There is life beyond this), prompting Ankita to assert that Khanzaadi won’t be there to cook for him outside the show. Vicky’s final blow comes with the question, “Tumne kya banaya 3 saal mein?” (What did you cook in the last 3 years?), asserting that love was absent from her culinary efforts. The altercation leaves Ankita visibly upset as she breaks down while others continue their kitchen tasks.

Viewer Reactions: A Divided Response


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Viewer reactions to the clash are polarized. Some express sympathy for Ankita, condemning Vicky’s perceived disrespect towards her on a public platform. Others defend Vicky, attributing the tension to Ankita’s alleged laziness and portraying him as the victim in the relationship.

Amid the divided opinions, some viewers call for a reconsideration of the inclusion of couples in reality shows, arguing that exposing personal relationship dynamics on national TV can have detrimental effects.

The unfolding drama adds another layer of complexity to the couple’s journey in the Bigg Boss 17 house, leaving fans and viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments in Ankita and Vicky’s relationship.”