Bigg Boss OTT: Raqesh Bapat Opens Up On His Life After Divorce With Ridhi Dogra,Tells Shamita Shetty, “I Was On The Verge Of Breaking”

The much-in-love couple Raqesh Bapat and Ridhi Dogra parted ways after eight years of marriage and it’s still difficult for us to believe that our TV’s most favorite couple had called it quits in their relationship. The duo parted ways due to reasons best known to them. Raqesh is currently a part of Bigg Boss OTT. And going by the episodes, it looks like he and Shamita shares a great bond and a great understanding.

In a recent episode, Shamita and Raqesh opened up about their personal lives in an argument. Raqesh opened up about his divorce with Ridhi Dogra and how things have affected him. He told her that he has suffered many ups and downs during his childhood and adulthood. Raqesh revealed that he suffered from anxiety issues. He also mentioned that his father’s death affected him badly. His mother and sister were worried for him because he has gone without sleep for a week at a stretch. “I was on the verge of breaking”, he said.

Raqesh and Shamita have been inseparable from each other ever since they formed a connection. In a recent episode, Raqesh said, “Ek connection banna shuru hua humara. Aaj abhi iss level par pohocha hai connection humara ki ek maturity ke saath hum cheezon ko dekhte hai, ek understanding hai ek doosre ki taraf. Ek sense of belonging jise kehte hai woh shayad tumhare saath ho raha hai mera (A connection has begun to form between us. Now, it is at a level where we look at things with a certain maturity, and have an understanding with each other. I feel a sense of belonging with you).”

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