25 YO Preksha Mehta Leaves A Haunting Sui`cide Note Before Ending Life, “Bohot Koshish Ki, Ab…”

Yesterday, we brought to you the heartbreaking news of Crime Patrol Actress Preksha Mehta ending her life during the lockdown. It was ironic how she ended her life being in a show that taught us how to fight crime. But now, a sui`cide note has been recovered in which Preksha Mehta written the reason for taking such a drastic step.

Preksha Mehta suicide note

Rajeev Bhadoriya, the local police station incharge , shared the late actress’ one-page long suicide note with TOI. While not blaming any person, Preksha had written, “Mere toote huye sapno ne mere confidence ka dam tod diya hai, main mare huye sapnon ke saath nahi jee sakti. Iss negativity ke saath rehna mushkil hai. Pichle ek saal se maine bohot koshish ki. Ab mein thak gayi hoon’. She had been very depressed about not getting work.” Preksha’s cousin who lives near her house came forward and explained what exacy happned a night before Preksha ended her life, “She was a vibrant girl since childhood, but lately she had been very quiet.”

“Last night, the family was playing cards, but Preksha was sitting alone on the steps of the house. My chachi (Preksha’s mother) even asked her if she was okay, but she said she was fine. Around 10 pm Preksha went to her room upstairs and posted the message on her Instagram. The next morning when chachi went to wake her up for yoga, she found her room locked and called others to help open the door. Once inside, they found Preksha hanging from the ceiling fan,” informed her cousin.

actress Preskha Mehta

Preksha who moved to Mumbai two years back for work. According to the report she was under depression since the lockdown started, she was worried that she might not get any work after the lockdown. Before ending her life, the actress put a story on her Instagram handle which reads, “Sabse bura hota hai sapno ka mar jana”.

Preksha has worked in many shows like Crime Patrol, Laal Ishq and Durga. She was also seen in Akshay Kumar film Pad Man.

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