Shahrukh Khan is known to be playing impressive pranks on his friends and family members. However, this one time, he scared the entire family of Gauri Khan when he played a cool prank on them. There were already apprehensions if Gauri would have to change her religion as she is now married to a Muslim and Shahrukh Khan took full advantage of that. Find out how.

Shahrukh Khan revealed a funny incident on Farida Jalal’s Talkshow, in the throwback interview, Shahrukh had revealed that he once asked Gauri to wear burkha and change her name from Gauri to Ayesha. This happened during their wedding reception when one of Gauri’s relative whispering into her ears about Shahrukh’s religion. Speaking about the incident Shahrukh said, “I remember, when their whole family, old fashioned people, I respect them all and respect their beliefs but at that time, in that old-fashioned reception, all of them were sitting there when I came in at 1:15, whispering “Hmmm.. He’s a Muslim boy. Hmm.. Will he change the girl’s name? Will she (Gauri) become a Muslim?”

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan

Known for his witty remarks, Shah Rukh decided to pull a prank on the relatives and quickly told Gauri, “‘OK Gauri, put on your ‘burkha’ and let’s read the namaaz now.’ The whole family stared at us wondering if I had already changed her religion already. So I told them, “From now on she will wear a burkha all the time, she won’t ever leave the house and her name will be changed to Ayesha and she will be like this.”

Although he had fun pulling the prank, the superstar did share his words of wisdom on religion. “I had a lot of fun, but the lesson in all of this was that one should respect religion but it should not come in the way of love. But, it was a great wedding and it’s still going on strong.”