Spoiler Alert Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia Intimidate To SLAP Rahul Vaidya; Burst With Anger After Rahul Criticizes Her Cooking Skills- Watch Video

Bigg Boss reality show has turned out to be the most successful TRP gained show on television, entertaining and nasty fights have made the show gain more popularity and there are no second thoughts about it.” Bigg Boss”, one of Indian TV’s most famous reality dramas, had a grand opening debut with its new season, less the live audience, in the wake of the COVID pandemic. With the bang, Bollywoodod Dabang khan Salman Khan, who has the show, opened the fourteenth season of “Bigg Boss” is set to give a befitting reaction to 2020, which has been a devastating year so far.

Bigg Boss 14

In a wake of COVID-19, Khan stated, “This is the year where the most contrary word is positive.” “This lockdown has caused each one of us to learn the family tasks be it washing the utensils, wiping the floor and above all, it has taught us to welcome the past,” he further said during the launch of the show. Remembering the pandemic and wellbeing precautionary measures, the 54-year-old said this time there will be no live audience on the sets, and this makes the show looks incomplete.


Since the time Bigg Boss 14 hit the screen, Rahul Vaidya and Pavitra Punia were the main two contestants who appeared to become friends and getting along inside the house. Right off the bat, Rahul Vaidya was asked by the seniors Hina Khan, Gauahar Khan, and Sidharth Shukla, to get a kiss from one of the female competitors. While Nikki Tamboli can’t, it was Pavitra who kissed Rahul on the cheek. However, it appears the friendship didn’t last long and the two had an ugly fight over house duties. While Rahul criticized her cooking skill, Pavitra threatened to slap him.


In tonight’s episode preview, we can see Pavitra telling Rahul that there is a tissue paper tossed inside the bathroom. This doesn’t go down well with Rahul, who at that point reveals to Pavitra that she isn’t the ‘dada’ (chief) of the house. Pavitra says she isn’t attempting to supervisor him around; however, Rahul at that point criticized Pavitra’s cooking skills, which leaves her in anger. He reveals to her that the sabzi she made for lunch was boring, reacting to which, Pavitra says he should cook for himself if that is the situation.


Rahul then impersonates Pavitra and mocks her, after which she threatens to slap him. She says, “Aisa Dungi Naa,” and gets enraged as Rahul targets on her cooking skills. She at that point shouts, “‘People like you, who don’t respect food, starve of hunger.”

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