Adil Durrani, the ex-husband of Rakhi Sawant, has made startling allegations against the actress. He has accused her of recording him naked over a video call. Adil further added using similar tactics to falsely accuse him of extramarital affairs and sexual abuse of an Iranian woman.

Explosive Claims By Adil

In a press conference, Adil shared his side of the story, revealing the mental turmoil he endured during his marriage to Rakhi Sawant. He expressed his intention to share his version of events in a forthcoming press conference, shedding light on the entire situation.

Rakhi’s Sawant’s Allegations

Rakhi Sawant previously lodged an FIR against Adil Khan Durrani, accusing him of fraud, theft, and assault. The actress has a history of making bold statements and interactions with the media. A viral video from Adil Durrani’s press conference shows him speaking about the alleged framing by Rakhi and her associates. He hints at a conspiracy involving Rakhi and another person named Ritesh, suggesting their connection while Rakhi was in the UK.

Shocking Revelation

Adil shared an incident in which Rakhi allegedly drugged him, leaving him in a disoriented state. He claimed that Rakhi falsely accused him of taking drugs, causing his arrest. Adil narrated how he felt trapped in the situation, especially after Rakhi announced their wedding, which led to media frenzy. He explained how his family disowned him after learning about the marriage through social media.

Adil asserted that women like Rakhi can be dangerous to interact with, as they can manipulate situations. He claimed that the legal system often protects women, even if they make false accusations. He expressed his determination to seek justice and prevent other men from falling victim to similar situations involving Rakhi. He cited Sherlyn Chopra’s claims about Rakhi as supporting evidence.

Adil also debunked Rakhi’s claims of suffering a miscarriage, stating that it was not possible as she had undergone a uterus removal due to age-related issues. Rakhi had earlier accused Adil of having another woman in his life, assault, theft, performing unnatural sex, and harassment for dowry, among other charges.