One of the most popular television couples is Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar. Did you know, though, that the latter had a new name before getting married? In the realm of television, Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are among the happiest and cutest couples. The duo leaves no stone left, whether it’s amusing viewers with their on-screen mushy romance or providing a glimpse into their personal lives through their Vlogs on their YouTube channel. The couple is also now expecting their first child together.

Dipika changed her name to Faiza before getting married to Shoaib

On February 22, 2017, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim got married in a customary nikaah ceremony. Their wedding was a complete farce because the couple won everyone over with their charming chemistry and never-ending good times. There were, however, persistent rumours back then that Dipika had converted to Islam and even changed her name in order to be married because it was an interfaith wedding. This was later demonstrated by the fact that Dipika’s name was misspelled on their invitation card.

Dipika had not converted to Islam but merely changed her name

When a BollywoodLife report stated that Dipika had solely used the name Faiza for their wedding invites, the rumours surrounding them and the image of their invitation card were put to rest. It was further made clear that Dipika will only add the last name Ibrahim to her name following marriage. A source close to the couple added the following: “She has not converted her religion. Her name is Dipika Kakar only. She will change it to Dipika Ibrahim. I spoke to them personally. They have used Faiza only for the invitation cards.”

Dipika Kakar flaunted her baby bump on Holi

Now, the couple is expecting their first child together. And ever since they announced they were expecting, their fans have been ecstatic to see even the tiniest glimpse of their favourite couple’s new adventure. For instance, Shoaib and Dipika both thoroughly enjoyed themselves when the pair celebrated Holi on March 7, 2023. What drew our attention, though, was Dipika’s beautiful appearance as she showed off her adorable baby bulge while dressed in a white-hued chikankari suit.

When Shoaib Ibrahim opened up about the reason for hiding Dipika’s pregnancy

Curiously, Dipika and Ibrahim did not reveal the news of their parental journey to the world on the first day. The pair had been secretive for a while, causing a lot of rumours. The pair didn’t reveal their happy news until much later in their YouTube vlog, when they also explained why they had kept it a secret all along. Shoaib, Dipika’s adoring husband, explained that it was all kept under wraps because Dipika had previously experienced a miscarriage in February 2022, and that their family and physicians had both recommended them to take care of the mother and the baby during their first three months.