Want To Try Something New In Bed? Discuss These Four Things First

Initiating a sexual relationship is always something very intimate and deep. Consent is something really important but there are other things too that need to be kept in mind. What happens under the sheets is something that both partners should agree on and be on the same page. And if you are wanting to try new things to make your relationship more fulfilling, there are some things that should be discussed first. Let’s find out the four things to keep in mind before trying something new in the bedroom.

  1. Expectations

Before trying anything new, you should first discuss it with your partner. Communication is the key and you should know your partner’s expectations, keep it clear and straightforward. Your partner must be clear on what are you thinking and let him/her if you are okay with it or not.

  • “No-Go” Zones

Once you discuss your expectations, make sure you know your boundaries as well. You need to remember what is okay with your partner and whatnot, otherwise, it can lead to trust issues in your relationship. Ask your partner if he/she is okay with you going ahead if not you will surely put yourself into an uncomfortable situation.

  • Unpleasant Sexual Experiences

Making love in an act of love. You must respect your partner’s decision and do not jump the boundaries. Unpleasant sexual experiences can lead to many problems in your relationship like trust issues and one can even go to trauma.

  • Contraception And Lubrications

For a better sexual experience, you can have contraception and lubrication but do not hesitate to let your partner know about the same. You must keep them near you as you would not want painful intercourse. Both of these things avoid sticky situations like unwanted pregnancies, acquiring sexually transmitted diseases/infections, and friction or irritation during penetration.

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