Zareen Khan Opens On Being Compared To Katrina Kaif, “I Was Called Fatrina”

Bollywood ain’t an easy industry. There’s so much that happens which we are unaware of.  So many actresses have come and gone but only a few managed to make a mark. Actress Zareen Khan also had a great successful career in the beginning. But she also went through a lot. People compared her to actress Katrina Kaif and many even called her the doppelganger launched by Salman Khan. Now, after so many years, she has finally opened up on all the rough comments that she has received.

In an interview with Times Of India, Zareen said, “Yes, in the beginning, it was the whole lookalike thing… Honestly, I don’t even know from where it had creeped out. Even before my pictures or my interviews came out, a random picture, from my Facebook account, was being circulated with claims that she looks like Katrina.”

She continued, “Back then, social media was not as powerful as it is today, and we were majorly dependent on media houses and newspapers. So, I somehow feel that the public was not really given a chance to see me and have a perception of their own. It was fed to them as gossip. Our audience is also a little gullible that way, believing whatever they are fed instead of forming their own opinion.”

Zareen further mentioned that after losing 40 kgs of weight she was still being fat-shamed. “I was called ‘Fatrina’. Even when I went out for events, nothing good was ever written about me; they would talk only about my weight,” she said.

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