Abhishek Bajaj who is a well-known TV star and made it to the movie industry with Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year 2 has been in a terrible accident. Abhishek Bajaj was on the Western Express Highway in Mumbai when this accident took place. His two sisters were also present in the car but escaped with just slight bruises. However, Abhishek was severely hurt.

Talking about the deadly experience, Abhishek Bajaj told Spotboye, “I met with an accident four days back. I was driving on the highway and the car ahead of me pulled the break suddenly. And to avoid the collision, I took a sharp left, not realising I will fall down from the flyover. So, I immediately took right and there was the divider so I again shifted towards left and there I saw two cars coming in while saving them I lost my control completely and my car tire got burst because of this and suddenly my car slipped and the vehicle overturned.”

Abhishek Bajaj

Abishek Bajaj further talked about what happened when the car got overturned and how his sisters were saved by God. He was quoted saying by the portal, “My sisters Ekta and Ambika were there with me in the car. The moment the car got slipped I covered my face and put myself down so that my face and brain would get saved. Thankfully, it was a wise decision or else anything could have happened. Right now, I have got 16 stitches on my body as I had to come out through the front glass. I came out and then my sister and then we both took out our younger sister. Due to God’s grace people present there recognised and started helping me out. They got my car straight. There was a guy who rushed me to the nearby hospital on his bike. I was bleeding miserably and my body was full of blood but that moment I didn’t even understand kahan se aa raha hai itna blood? It was that bad. However, I am thankful to God as my sisters were fine and escaped with only few bruises.”

The actor had glass pieces all over his body which had to be taken out through surgery, “Mere poori body mein kaanch ke tukde ghoos gaye so we had to get a surgery performed. Right now I am at home on complete bed rest.”