SPOILER ALERT BB14: Pavitra Punia Is Extremely Upset With Eijaz Khan; ‘Aukat Dikhana Isse Kehte Hai’ As He Chooses To Save Jasmin Bhasin From The Nominations

Bigg Boss reality show has turned out to be the most successful TRP gained show on television, entertaining and nasty fights have made the show gain more popularity and there are no second thoughts about it.” Bigg Boss”, one of Indian TV’s most famous reality dramas, had a grand opening debut with its new season, less the live audience, in the wake of the COVID pandemic. With the bang, Bollywoodod Dabang khan Salman Khan, who has the show, opened the fourteenth season of “Bigg Boss” is set to give a befitting reaction to 2020, which has been a devastating year so far.

The show has been enjoying massive TRP and the contestants are ensuring that they engage the crowd. Today, Nishant Singh Malkani and Kavita Kaushik got eliminated. Post that, Bigg Boss requested that Rubina and Jasmin return to the green zone with everybody. The entire house was stunned by this choice of Bigg Boss. Presently, we will before long observe some enormous dramatization once more.

The competitors will by and by confronting the selections and Eijaz Khan as a captain is given a unique power. Eijaz is enabled to spare one individual from elimination. Furthermore, shockingly, it isn’t Pavitra yet Jasmin Bhasin. This comes as a stun for everybody and Pavitra is incredibly disturbed about it. She hugs Nikki and cries and says that she had been there for Eijaz every time. She goes into the bedroom and cries.

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