Mohena Kumari Singh Gives an EPIC Reply to a Troll Who Question Her About Her ‘Ghoonghat’

Mohena Kumari Singh became a prime focus when she married her love Suyesh Rawat in a true blue Rajputana style. The couple tied the knot on October 14, 2019, and the wedding nuptials were nothing but a dreamy and fairy tale wedding. She donned the traditional Rajput poshak for her wedding and had a veil on. She looked a royal Rajput bride on her wedding day. On New Year, she shared another picture from her wedding where she could be seen covering her face under a veil. A user asked her about sporting a veil, to which another user slammed her saying that these people follow the ‘so-called male-dominated rituals’ and that even after education, it didn’t get the brains. Seeing this, the actress chose to give a taste of his own medicine by giving a befitting reply to the troller.

One of her followers commented on her post, “Why is your face under veil?” To which, another follower replied, “@minimalindian because these are people who follow their so called male dominated rituals. Even education doesn’t get them a brain.” Responding on the same, Mohena commented saying, “@jiyasarna even Christians have a veil when they marry…and so do Muslims … I guess they are all uneducated too! It’s an age old Rajput tradition which Rajput women follow when they get married. This was not forced upon me… I chose to do it @minimalindian.”

After her response, many praised Mrs Rawat for hitting it back at the trollers. One user wrote, “@mohenakumari they will never understand rajputana culture and traditions and you are looking so so beautiful.” Another one wrote, “Anyone have no rights to talk about Rajput culture because it was Indian tradition people who are also well educated…….. Then also they follow that rituals….”

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