Sleep play a vital role in our life as our body also needs rest to function properly.As agood night’s sleep is as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. In today’s world of stress , people have problem of insomnia , which means when we have trouble in falling asleep which leads to many health issues.People have lots of work pressure, poor time managment, etc which leads to disturb the sleep cycle thus sleeping on time , early to bed and early to rise is very important. We should take proper time of 8 hours to live a healthy life style.

Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function.It can also cause weight gain and increases disease risk in both adults and children.Good sleep will make you sleep better can help you eat less , exercise better, and be healthier.But with the increasing pressure in our day to day life , the quality and quantity of sleep have both declined because of the number of distractions around us especially gadgets around us so one should keep a close watch on the pattern of sleep. If we sleep better , we work productively and efficiently because we are full day energetic not become lethargic.

One can get agood night sleep through various tips:

-During the day increase your exposure to the bright light.

-Avoid taking use of caffeine late light.

-Avoid taking irregular or long daytime snaps

-set daily time for sleeping in the night as well set time for waking up

-don’t drink alcohol

-optimize your bedroom environment

-avoid using gadgets before going to bed

-keep your phone at a good distance

these are the some tips through which one can sleep better and get good health in the long run.As sleep is very important for the number of brain functions .