The #MeToo movement raised many stories of physical and sexual abuse faced by people from all industry verticals. Most of these stories came forward from the glamor world. While the movement might have died, there are still many coming forward to disclose their horror stories of facing physical or sexual abuse. Recently, Bollywood’s ace makeup artist Hiyavi Saigal, who is majorly working with Shraddha Kapoor, opened up on her tormentor, her ex-boyfriend, who even tried to kill her.

During a a recent Q&A conducted by Haiyavi Saigal on her Instagram handle, the make-up artist was asked her about the physical abuse that she went through while dating her boss Florian, who is also a makeup artist of the actor and other celebs like Sara Ali Khan. Replying to the question, she penned her entire story right from her courting period to how he broke her physically and mentally. She wrote, “It started as a boss assistant relationship and turned into friendship very shortly. We were both dating other people and then shortly we realised we were in love. It all moved very quickly from dating to moving into taking an apartment to getting engaged.”

Giving out more details about the abuse, she wrote on her Instagram stories, “Florian broke me down to a point where I didn’t recognise myself. It started with trying to control each part of my life – work, friendships, my schedule and when I rebelled a bit it would turn into violence. He slowly and very charmingly sucked me in and I called it love. It started with a push, then a slap increased with time. It was broken bones, bruises all over and he would put me in the tub every time and break down. It would feel like my fault. I started drinking to feel numb with just cause more violence cause I started talking and fighting back.”

“Nobody believed me because narcissists are charming. I didn’t press charges because I was emotionally weak. He took me from me and he took my dog and my money. If anyone is going through please reach out or call the police. He almost killed me and I am glad to be alive.”

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