“Rate Card Ban jayega” Mahhi Vij Shares Disturbing Casting Couch Encounter

Popular actress Mahhi Vij is known for her roles as Nandini in “Balika Vadhu” and Nakusha in “Laagi Tujhse Lagan.” The actress has made a significant mark in the Indian television industry. Born in Delhi, Mahhi moved to Mumbai at the age of 17 to pursue her dreams in entertainment. Before her successful TV career, she appeared in Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada films.

Shocking Casting Couch Experience

In a recent interview with Telly Masala, Mahhi Vij recalled a shocking casting couch experience she faced shortly after moving to Mumbai. She recounted how, in her early days, she received a call from a man claiming to be a coordinator. He asked her to meet him, and she agreed, bringing her sister along for safety. They met him in his car in Juhu.

Mahhi shared, “He was showing us photos in an album and then a rate card. He said, ‘Your photo will be here, and your rate card will be ready.’ I tried to think positively and asked if the rate card was for our daily shooting fees. He replied, ‘No, this is for when you go on a cruise.’ I asked if it was for performances, but he kept saying, ‘No, you try to understand.'”

Realization and Escape

Realizing the situation was not right, Mahhi and her sister quickly understood the true nature of the coordinator’s intentions. Her sister, sitting in the backseat, grabbed the man’s hair, which allowed them to escape from the car. Reflecting on the incident, Mahhi expressed how shocking and disturbing the experience was, especially for someone new to the industry.

Personal Life and Support

Mahhi Vij is now married to another popular actor, Jay Bhanushali. Her bravery in sharing this experience sheds light on the dark side of the entertainment industry, where many young actors and actresses face similar situations. Mahhi’s story serves as an important reminder of the need for awareness and safety for newcomers in the industry.

Moving Forward

Despite this harrowing experience, Mahhi Vij has built a successful and respected career in Indian television. Her courage to speak out can inspire others who may have faced similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of speaking up and seeking support. As she continues her journey in the entertainment world, Mahhi remains a role model for many aspiring actors.

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