Adhyayan Suman On His Breakup With Ex-girlfriend Maera Mishra And If He’d Work With Her In Future

A few days ago, Adhyayan Suman and Maera Mishra were hitting the headlines when the latter officially announced their breakup. Speaking to Times Of India, Maera had said, “Yes, we broke up in November. Though Adhyayan has been posting break-up stories on his Instagram account, I would like to clarify that those posts aren’t for me. They are for his song.” Now, Adhyayan said in a new interview that he’d be open to working with her again, after Peg Daariya. Adhyayan, the son of actor Shekhar Suman, embarked on a parallel music career after his acting career suffered a blip.

He told SpotboyE, “I haven’t fought with anybody. As I already told you about relationships, log aapki journey mein aate hain aur jaate hain (People come and go). If somebody stays back they have a reason. So, there is nothing to fight about it. So, if tomorrow not just with her, but with any of my exes, if a project comes and if it’s a good film, song or a web series, I won’t give up the project and I am guessing that the other person will also not do so because we are professionals.”

He continued, “If the break up has not been on an ugly note, then what’s the problem in working with that person again. Anything can happen.”

Earlier, Maera had said that she and Adhyayan broke up last year in November, after she began living with him and notice a change in his personality. “I was very serious about this relationship and thought that this one was for keeps, but it wasn’t meant to be. Things failed to work out between us. I fell in love with a different man. Once I started living with him, I realised that he was quite different from what I had expected. There was also a communication gap. We barely spoke to each other for almost two months as I got busy with the shoot of my TV show and he was shooting for his project. All I want to say at this point is that I am now averse to dating anyone associated with the industry,” she said.

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