Shah Rukh Khan Praises Daughter Suhana Khan In An Old Video For Doing Backflip In Water; Checkout

As a ‘doting’ parent, Shah Rukh Khan has always been characterized. And once more, it has been demonstrated to us all. Yes, we did find a video of Shah Rukh Khan and his daughter Suhana Khan engaging in some endearing banter. And following the viewing of this old video, his supporters have only been referring to him as the “best papa,” and we wholeheartedly concur.

Shah Rukh was admiring his little daughter Suhana in the flashback video as she demonstrated how to perform a backflip in the water. SRK interrupts this by saying, “No, you’re doing this and as you come out, you just turn around to me, but I saw that.” “Ah, Dad, you didn’t see the backflip, no?” Suhana retorted.

In a charming tone, Shah Rukh added, “I swear, I saw.” Once again performing a backflip, Suhana stated, “Okay, I’ll show you again.” SRK was amazed by her swimming prowess and exclaimed, “Fantastic, that’s truly fantastic. You understand that because no one has been teaching me to swim, I’ll be learning it from you.


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He was rather astonished when the star child questioned, “You don’t know how to swim?.” The performer from Pathaan said, “I don’t know it so well, like what you’re doing.” Following the social media video’s virality, admirers exclaimed over Suhana and SRK’s endearing banter. A supporter commented, “How cutely he said i don’t know how to swim and then asked her to teach him.” One person said, “Shah Rukh Khan is a present father in his children’s lives, a true family man, handsome and cute to see him with Suhana.” another wrote, “Shah Rukh Khan is a present father in his children’s lives.” There was another who said, “Arrghhhh… They are so cute! He looks to be the finest Papa!”

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