Rubina Dilaik, having recently become a mother to twin daughters, has been noticeably absent from television screens. Addressing speculations about her future in the TV industry, the actress shed light on her career plans. During a recent appearance on Faisal Shaikh aka Faisu’s YouTube vlog.

Is Rubina Dilaik planning to quit TV?

When asked if she intends to continue working in television now that she’s a mother, Rubina Answered. She expressed her unwavering commitment to the medium. The actress emphasized the significance of television in her career. She referred to it as her “bread and butter” and the foundation of her professional journey. Rubina asserted that she could never abandon television, considering it the cornerstone of her career.

However, she also highlighted her openness to exploring different platforms, recognizing the importance of adapting to various mediums. Whether it’s television, YouTube, or podcasts, Rubina stated that the platform itself is crucial. She added that she is prepared to excel wherever her career takes her.

Rubina Dilaik’s Youtube Channel

Speaking about her YouTube channel, Rubina revealed her desire for her daughters to witness her journey through her videos in the future. She described her YouTube channel as a personal video diary where she preserves her memories. Rubina envisioned her daughters accessing her channel in years to come, allowing them to explore her inspirations, travels, and friendships firsthand.

Rubina and her husband, Abhinav Shukla, welcomed their twin daughters, Jeeva and Edha, in November 2023. Celebrating their daughters’ milestone of completing one month, the couple shared a heartwarming family photo, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

As Rubina embraces motherhood and navigates her career, she remains dedicated to her craft while embracing the versatility of different platforms to share her experiences and memories with her growing family.