Rashami Desai Gets Emotional On Live Chat While Talking About Arhaan Khan’s Fraud Case, Says, “Galti Thi Maine Pyaar Kiya”

Rashami Desai suffered a heartbreak after Salman Khan exposed Arhaan Khan’s  truth to Rashmi about his marriage and child when they were inside the Bigg Boss house. Rashmi have never spoken about it openly until yesterday. Last evening, Rashami went live to have a chit chat session with her fans and spoke about what exactly went wrong between the two like never before.

The actress admitted being in a relationship with Arhaan. She was quoted as saying, “Yes we were in a relationship and we stayed together for months and in midst of that we have shared a lot of details with each other. Yes I loved somebody not knowing anything about his past and details related to him. But yes I trusted him but I didn’t know that I would have to pay such a big price for it. That I will be asked to give proofs. I was emotionally involved. Whatever I have done for my loved ones I really don’t need to advertise”.


She also added, “But today I would like to mention If someone gives you a house to stay, (funds) to shop, a lifestyle and shares staff with you it is a big deal. When to make someone grow (in their career) you do things which you don’t want to is again a big deal. I am a self made girl and have not taken anything from anybody. I helped and people are shameless to accept it. So I don’t owe any explanation to them. Yes I was hurt when I got to know but now I am over it.” 


 Divulging further details about how she found out shocking realties about him after she came out of the Bigg Boss 13. She had stated, “When I came out of Bigg Boss 13 house I got to know more shocking realities around him. Maine tab bhi tumhare bare mein galat nahi bola. Show ke dauran bhi kabhi galat nahi bola to ab kyun bolungi. Bolne ke liye to mere pass bhi bhaut kuch hai. But main bolna nahi chahungi. Agar band kamre mein ki gayi baatien bahar aati hai to uske chithde udte hain. And honestly, I have lot of things to do like my chat show is on, I am doing Naagin 4 and I have my own production house to take care of. So main in chhoti chizo mein kyun ghusu”. 

Rashmi who was not on talking terms with her family is back with them and says, “But all I want to say is I am safe and secure now. Today I have a house to stay. I have my family jo bikhar chuki thi as we had lot of differences but today we are together.”


Concluding the live chit chat session with her fans Rashmi said those who know her well are with her. “I don’t need to justify anything to them. And I am really lucky that so many people love and admire me. Main koi bechari nahi hoon main apne aap aur apne asulo ki bani hui hoon. Maine pyaar kiya vo meri galti thi mujhe nahi pata tha pyaar mein girkar logo ko ye sabse bhi guzarna padta hai.”

Stay tuned for more such gossips.

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