In the middle of Deepika Padukone’s interview, Ranveer Singh surprised her with a visit. The couple engaged in mushy PDA. Recently, a video of Deepika attending an interview for the Times Magazine’s cover story as a global star has been making the rounds online. In the footage, we can see Ranveer dropping by his wife as she was doing an interview, and they engaged in some sweet mushy PDA.

Ranveer Singh pays a surprise visit to his wifey, Deepika Padukone, in between her interview

The Times Magazine’s official feed shared a video of Deepika Padukone’s interview. The actress was caught off guard when her spouse Ranveer Singh appeared on the filming locations during her interview. The performer was filming next door. Ranveer arrived on the set as the video began and said, “Have a great day,” to his kind wife. Ranveer responded as Deepika Padukone informed him that she was being questioned about marriage. “What a cosmic thing to have happened.”

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone shared kisses and indulged in mushy PDA

When asked how long they had been married after that, Deepika said that it had been almost five years. They have been dating for approximately 11 years, Ranveer added. However, it was when Ranveer and Deepika were spotted engaging in mushy PDA that caught everyone’s attention and warmed everyone’s hearts. They were seen holding hands while giving each other kisses. While holding hands, they were observed making swing motions. Deepika responded with laughter at this: “What are we doing?” It was too cute to be missed and enough to win millions of hearts. Click here to watch the video.

Deepika Padukone called Ranveer Singh her happy place

Deepika was asked about her marriage later in the video. The actress answered that she enjoys spending time with her hubby because she married her closest friend and that is why when asked this question. She said that because they get on so well with one another, being with Ranveer makes her feel the most exposed. She admitted to being both the most clumsy and the most expressive to Ranveer. During the conversation, Deepika said:

“I love spending time, my husband and I. I married my best friend. I think the fact that we are just so goofy with each other. I can feel like absolutely myself, my most vulnerable, my most clumsy, my most expressive. Ya, we have known each other now for almost 10 years, so….its my happy place.”

Deepika Padukone’s advice for married people

Deepika offered some advice for newlyweds from her generation in the same interview. According to her observations, the quality that people in today’s age lack in relationships is patience, which they should work to acquire from their forebears. Watch the video here.